Capacity Profile

Capacity Profile



In 1988, the Nguyen Van Troi Vocational shool (the College of technology,  Danang) assigned Mr Ha Giang to take charge of the school’s mechanical engineering workshop. The key contract at that time was to produce pipes for An Diem hydro- electrical power plant in Quang Nam Province. With the high difficulty the work required which no plant could dare to get involve, however, the workshop of Mr Ha Giang completed the work succesfully and create a good name in Mechanical industry in Danang city as well as the Central Land.

In 1998, in the need of the market, Mr Ha Giang built his own factory at Hoa Phat commune, Hoa Vang district, named Hoa Phat Mechanical Engineering Pipe Rolling workshop.

In 2001, the workshop changes its name into Phuoc Tuong mechanical engineering pipe rolling manufacturing factory.

In 2008 the factory has invseted and built branch 2 at K238 Truong Chinh street, Dananag City. From now its name is HA GIANG PHUOC TUONG MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOLE MEMBER LIMITED LIABILITY  COMPANY

In 2010 the workshop changes its name into HA GIANG PHUOC TUONG MECHANICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY to increase its financial capability.

From establishing, the organizations has won the belief of clients in mechanical industry, construction industry, ship building, construction of small and medium hydropower. The Trademark PHUOCTUONGMC  has been popular within Danang as well as throughout the nation clients.

The board of managers, staff and workers of PHUOCTUONGMC have tried their best to develop production to meet the progress of the new age science and technology in order to produce the highly technical products in contribution to its developmentof mechanical science and technology in particular and the development of Da Nang City in general.


HA GIANG PHUOC TUONG MECHANICAL JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established based on the investment certificate no 0400395666 dated June 1st, 2010 issued by Planning and Investment Department of Danang City which named:


Head office: K185 Le Trong Tan- Cam Le district – Danang City

Branch 2: K283 Truong Chinh- Thanh Khe district – Danang city

Phone number: 084 – 511.3683787            Fax: 084 – 511. 3720453


Tax code: 0400395666

Bank account: 100214851001177, Eximbank, Da Nang Branch.


-         Fabrication and installation of mechanical product supply for construction, industrial, ship building, hydro power, ….v..v.

-         Fabrication and installation of pressure, thermal energy, boiler equipment.

-         Fabrication and installation of  lifting equipment, crane girder system.

-         Installation of works in telecommunications, power grids and substations with voltages up to 110KV.

-         Doing trading in engineering machineryand equipment, supplies and materials.                                     




Best Quality – Reasonable Price – High  Productivity


Market: Although the mechanical engineering which PhuocTuongMC are geared to is just the supporting the industry, but plays a key role in the building of infrastructure, industrialization of the country. Manufacturing and trading of mechanical equipment is defined as the backbone industry of all other industries. Danang city is young, dynamic, a key economic center of the Central Highlands, located next to the two provinces with strong potential for industrial development is the Quang Ngai, Quang Nam and is the gateway of the East West Economic Corridor. And thus, this place has great potential for the industry, developing services both in Central and neighboring countries like Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar …

In Da Nang city, mechanic industry is still weak in terms of technical, financial and organizational methods of production. Thus, Da Nang is not capable of making the detailed structure, important and highly technical works but by the purchase from Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi and other provinces. Realizing this potential market, the company has boldly expanded the market by importing these modern equipment and tools, as well as going on doing research, heavily investing on machinery, equipment and human resources to meet needs of existing customers and future trends in the market.

PhuocTuongMC now has links with major partners in China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore … to provide Vietnam’s market of machinery and equipment, supplies and materials for mechanical industry.

Size of the Market : Central Highlands consists of 17 provinces. With the trend of socio-economic balance in our country, the Government always has many preferential policies to develop industries here. So this is the very large market potential.

We – our business alwaysaim to stay ahead or develop in parallel with the development of the central industry.

Human resources:The Company is focused on improving human resources to meet demand and anticipation of market trends. Now we has a team of over 15 staff which have university degrees, hundreds of intermediate-level and skilled workers who have the work experience and joined long year with the company. Also, key staff of our company regularly participate in training courses to improve professional skills and adapt well to modern management. To meet the demand of the market, our business has always facilitate and encourage all staff members to exchange knowledge, improve skills in order to execute all possible items requested by customers.

Machinery and Equipment:The Companyis always one step ahead in development and investment in equipment such as rollingmachine manufactured by the Soviet Union, Plasma arc cutting machine, direct circuit welding machine, semi automatic welding machine, submerged arc welding machine, Mig Welder, Tig Welding of America which all have been equipped very soon.

Production base of  nearly 9.000m2, with a modern stringer system guaranteed that  production area is flexible enough to serve the massive construction, fold progress.

In addition to a number of major equipments from Russia, America, Japan, South Korea, we study and successful fabricate several specialized equipments to meet the higher demand of customers:

-         Centrifugal casting lathe can turn at high speed.

-         Lathe inside and outside pipe diameter to D4000mm, fitting the large thermal elasticity for pipeline hydro.

-         Hot pressing molds for manufacturing the cap ellipe boiler pressure.

The flat edge flap.

-         To 220mm pipe bending machine, steel U, I, V to 300mm.

-      Bending exclusively used for hydroelectric power in bulk, steel bending  to 30 mm, can be welded by submerged arc method automatically if the volume of goods allowed.

-         Automaticwelding machineinanydirection

With themotto “Quality Guaranteed, Reasonable Price, High Productivity”, PhuocTuongMC has always offered customers the most satisfaction. Therefore, in the minds of consumers Ha Giang Phuoc Tuong JSC is always “The trusted location of the works “.




No List Quantity Years of working
I.                  Bachelors


01 08
2 Construction Engineer 03 02 – 08
3 Bachelor of Business 03 04 – 10
4 Electric Engineer 02 02 – 10
5 Electronic Engineer 02 05-10
6 Mechanical Engineer 08 03 -30
7 Thermal Engineer 01 08
II.               College
1 Construction 02 02 – 07
2 Mechanical 10 02 – 08
3 Electric 02 02 – 04
4 Business 02 05
III Workers 100 3-20


With totalfactory area in which nearly 9.000m2:

-         Area1 factory nearly occupies 3000m2 .

-         Area2 factory is 6.000m2

- Truck Crane Company


- The typical machinery of the Company
  •    Automatic submerged arc welding machine 1200A – Origin: USA

  • Thick tube rolling D 300-5000 x 2600 – Made in: Self-made

  •  Hydraulic

  • Lathe horizontal centrifugal molds – Self made

  • Lathe mold type centrifugal standing – Self made


  • Shaped steel machine – Self made


No Types of Machine Quantity Country of Originated Status
01 4 seats Car 02 Japan 100%
02 7 seats Car 02 Japan, US 90%
03 Crane 5tons 01 German 80%
04 Crane 10tons 01 Russia,Korea 100%
05 Forklift Motor tons 02 Russia 70%
06  D 120-300 x 1800 01 Self made 100%
07 Tube rolling Machine D 150-350 x 1800 01 Self made 100%
08 Tube rolling Machine D 220-3000 x 2500 01 Self made 100%
09 Tube rolling Machine D 300-5000 x 2600 01 Self made 100%
10 Tube rolling Machine D 220-3000 x 2500 01 Russia 100%
11 Pipe bending machine, U, I , V…… 01 China 80 %
12 Small wire-cut machine 03 America 80 %
13 Medium wire – cut machine 03 Japan 80 %
14 Large wire – cut machine 03 Japan 80 %
15 Big Milling Machine 02 Japan 80%
16 Flange Lathe D 4000 01 Self made 100%
17 Relieving Lathe L4000 x D2000 01 Self made 100%
18 Tube Lathe L2000 x D 2000 01 Self made 100%
19 Punching Machine 50T-70T 06 Japan 80%
20 Hydraulic Pressure Machine 300 tons 01 Self made 100%
21 Hydraulic Pressure Machine 50 tons 01 US 100%
22 Ovens and melting furnaces 01 Self made 100%
23 Fixed Hoist 3tons 20 Japan 90%
24 Fixed Hoist 1,5 tons 5 Japan 90%
25 Pulling Hoist 3tons 04 Việt Nam 100%
26 Etd Crane 3 tons 08 Self made 100%
27 Etd Crane 6 tons 04 Self made 100%
28 Cutting Machine 13mm x 2500 01 Japan 90%
29 Cutting Machine 6.5mm x 2000 02 Japan 90%
30  Plasma Cutting Machine 710x16mm 01 US 100%
31  Plasma Cutting Machine1500x30mm 02 US 100%
32 Welding Machine MIG 250 02 US 100%
33 Welding Machine MIG 500 06 VN 100%
34 Welding Machine 350 02 Korea 100%
35 Submergerd Arc Welding Machine 1200A 02 US 100%
36 Submergerd Arc Welding Machine 600A 1 VN 100%
37 Direct Electric Current Welding Machine 20 Japan+ Vietnam 100%
38 Oscillating Electric CurrentWelding Machine 30 Vietnam 100%
39 Generator 05 China+ Vietnam 90%
40 Welding Generator 20 US+Vietnam 95%
41 Belching Machine 02 Vietnam 100%
42 Pain Belching Machine Epoxy 02 German 100%
43 Magnetis Drilling Machine D50mm 02 Britain 100%
44  Vertical Drilling Machine 06 Vietnam 100%
44 Vertical Grinder D200 02 Vietnam 100%
45  Handheld Grinder D180 20 Japan 100%
47 Rough Cutting Machine V 10 Self made
48 Chained Palang 20tons, 10 tons , 3 tons 10 Japan 100%
49 Chained Palang 3 tons 03 Japan 100%


PhuoctuongMC has been carrying out many big and important projects for Vietnam, Laos and other Multinational Corporation since it was just a small workshop at Nguyen Van Troi Vocational School. We are known as the company that can handle all the most difficult technical projects and also well known as the most trusted Mechanical Company in the Central Land for Projects across the country.



  • Hydropower pipeline Dakrung

  •  Hydropower pipeline Edrang

  • Valve door supply

  •  Hydropower pipeline Krong Hin

- Other typical

- Pictures of the Company’s traditional products

  • Compressed air tank

  • Mold centrifugal casting sewer, electric head

  • Pressure cylinders

  • Oil tank

  • Mold coppha

  • Wet Sand blasting surface treatment

  • Epoxy paint

Name of Project Volume made Value (millions) Project Owner Time Duration
Year started Year finished
Hydroelectric Power Station  An Điềm – Quảng Nam

- Erecting the pressured tanks system

Subcontractor 1988 1988
Hydroelectric Power Station  KrôngHin – Đăk Lăk

- Erecting and Installing the pressured tanks systemvà Xy phông tanks system: D1600x12x2000m

-  Erecting and Installing the Temperature Elastic Joints: 07 joints

100% 3.600 Mê Kông Construction Company 04/2004 06/2005
Hydroelectric Power Station  Ea Mđoal 3 – Đăk Lăk

- Erecting and installing the pressured tanks system: D1900x12x210m

- Erecting and installing thermal joints

100% 1.500 Mê Kông Construction Company 2007 2007
Hydroelectric Power Station  Đăkrung

- Erecting and installing mechanical hydraulic equipments for the whole factory

100% 6.800 Việt Nguyên Ltd 2007 2007
Hydroelectric Power Station  Đăknten

- Erecting and installing mechanical hydraulic equipments for the whole factory

100% 25.700 Mê Kông 2 Hydroelectric Company 2009 2010
Hydroelectric Power Station  Edrăng2

- Erecting and installing the pressured tanks system

100% 8.422 Hydroelectric Company Đăklăk 2009 2010
Hydroelectric Power Station  EAMĐoan 2

- Erecting and installing the pressured tanks system

100% 8.400 Nguồn Sáng Ltd 2009 2010
Hydroelectric Power Station ĐăkMe

- Erecting and installing mechanical hydraulic equipments

100% 14.900 Hydro electric Ltd ĐăkMe 2009 2010
Shipbuilding work

- Erecting on ship steel module structure

100% 7.600 ThuRiverShipyard 2009 2010
Phuoc son Gold Mining Work

Erecting and installing mechanical equipments for Phuoc Son Gold mining work

100% 25.981 Phuoc Son Gold Mining Ltd Co 2010 2011



Name of Project Volume made Value (millions) Project Owner Time Duration
Year started Year finished
Da Nang Water Project 100% 2.134 WSC Da Nang 2001 2002
 Cao Lâu Bridge Project- Quảng Nam Province 100% 201 Construction Ltd 623 2002 2003
Tuyen Son Brigde Project – Da Nang City 100% 120 Brigde company 12 2002 2002
Manufacturing the absorting and pushing and carrying sand 100% 4.900 Dredging and Construction Company 2002 2004
Erecting & Installing axle-axis gate weighted 15 tons x H6000 x L1200, industrial air tank, hi-tech centrifugal casting mold. 100% 6.400 Urban Public works Company – Danang 2002 2005
Manufacturing structural steel beam, material tank, charging tank 100% 5.700 Danang Steel company 2002 2005
ThuanPhuoc BridgeProject – TP Đà Nẵng 100% 340 Construction Company # 2 2003 2004
Hoa Cam flyover bridge – Danang City 100% 240 Chau Thoi Concrete JSC 620 2004 2004
Enhancing the water manufacturing factory Project Danang 100% 2.800 Branch of XD CTN Company in Hà Nội 2003 2004
Manufacturing metal tube , flange, steel cone , steel quail & steel cell 100% 1.081 Branch of Water supply company 12/2004 01/2005
Enhancing the water factory at Danang Airport 100% 536 Branch of XD CTN Company in Hà Nội 03/2005 04/2005
Manufacturing flat formwork, dust remover tower, industrial boiler 100% 72. Branch of Tracodi in Đà Nẵng 2006 2006
Manufacturing bottom formword, the cable tension beam formwork I600, 100% 277 Mai Tiến Thành Ltd 2006 2006
Manufacturing Water supply Accessories 100% 2.600


Branch of Water supply company 2006 2006
Processing empty box (serving casting girder in Quang Nam Girder system) 100% 1.520 Mai Tiến Thành Ltd 2006 2006
Manufacturing & providing materials for the project of installation water plan technology Cầu Đỏ- Danang 100% 4.224 Branche of building drainage & environment & investment Company , Da Nang 2006 2006
Providing materials for the project of installation Plant Cassava 100% 320 Technical consultancy center in Da Nang industrial 2008 2009
Manufacturing & providing materials for the project of repair Bong Mieu Gold mine 100% 2.200 Bong Mieu Gold Mining Company 2009 2010


- The typical image:

  • Antennas column:

Name of Project Volume made Value (millions) Project Owner Time Duration
Year started Year finished
Investing CSHT 06 BTS stations phase 12A, 12C, 14A & providing for the central land (06 49m wire towers ) 100% 2.173 MobileInformation CenterArea III 2006 2006
Investing CSHT 06 BTS stations for Gia Lai, Bình Định Provinces in Middle Land (06 49m wire towers ) 100% 2.258 MobileInformation CenterArea III 2006 2006
Investing CSHT 04 stations BTS Buôn EaMtor, Ea Nuôi, Ea Wy, Đăk Sin (04 49mwire towers ) 100% 1.499 MobileInformation CenterArea III 2006 2006
Creating & và galvanized, hot sinked anten vertical tower 40m (03 stand towers 40m) 100% 459 Ltd construction & Trading 727 2006 2006
Creating & và galvanized hot sinked anten wire tower  52m (30 wire towers  52m) 100% 1.670 LTd construction & Trading 55 2006 2006
Creating & Erecting Anten tower, machine lab & auxilary system & Project of Enlarging CDMA 2000 1x450MHZ staged 3 in Quảng Bình (02 Stand Tower 40m & wire tower 42m) 100% 878 Center of telecommunication & electric in Area 3 2006 2006
Project of enlarging the network WLL/CDMA staged 4 in Gia Lai (11 wire tower 45m và 1 wire tower 33m) 100% 2.474 Gia Lai Electric Company – Electric Coporation Area 3 2007 2007




Name of the Project Volume made Owner Year started Year finished
Erecting the cable network for the Project of Enlarging the network  WLL/CDMA 2000 1X in Phú Yên(subcontractor) 8.000m Management board hydropower of Central Area 11/2005 12/2005
Erecting the cable network for the Project of Enlarging the network  WLL/CDMA 2000 1X in Phú Yên(subcontractor) 20.000m Management board hydropower of Central Area 12/2005 01/2006
Constructing the cable routes served data transmission channel in Huế, Đà Năng, Quảng Nam, Bình Định, Kon Tum (subcontractor) 8.200m VIETTEL Transmission Company– Viettel Coporation 06/2006 06/2006
Constructing the cable routes served data transmission channel in Đà Năng, Quảng Trị, Quảng Nam,  Kon Tum (subcontractor) 7.500m VIETTEL Transmission Company– Viettel Coporation 06/2006 06/2006
Constructing the cable routes served data transmission channel in Quảng Trị, Đà Năng, Phú Yên, Gia Lai, Đăk Lăk (subcontractor) 9.000m VIETTEL Transmission Company– Viettel Coporation 06/2006 07/2006
Constructing the cable routes served data transmission channel rented for telegraphic center CDMA branch S-Fone (subcontractor) 6.500m VIETTEL Transmission Company– Viettel Coporation 05/2006 05/2006


  • 110kV substation CHAN MAY

  •  Station 220 kV

Name of Projects Volume made Owner Year started Year finished
Project of perfecting, avoiding the grid overload in Đăk Nông(subcontractor) ĐZ 22kV: 10800m; ĐZ 0,4kV: 10130m Đăk Nông Electric Company 09/2005 11/2005
Erecting & Installing  TBA 22/0,4kV, 22/6kV, hydroelectric power plant An Khê – KaNak(subcontractor) Totalcapacity: TBA: 1000kVA Management board hydropower Project 7 07/2006 08/2006
Issuing Electricity for cho BTS tower phase 12A, 12C & 14A in Huế, Gia Lai, Đăk Lăk, Đăk Nông ĐZ 22kV: 200m; ĐZ 0,4kV: 250m; Totalcapacity5 TBA: 70kVA MobileInformation CenterArea 3 07/2006 09/2006



Financial data
The brief of asset and liability based on audited financial statements of three fiscal years ( 2008, 2009, 2010):
No Contents 2009 2010 2011
1 The total assets 15.255.704.491 9.907.872.270 31.188.513.182
2 Current assets 9.895.352.087 7.284.313.704
3 Inventory and ongoing projects 6.527.744.323 18.563.386.695 13.355.247.323
4 The total liabilities 7.949.279.490 7.060.518.026 22.263.831.454
5 Current liabilities 19.725.088.893 22.263.831.454
6 Revenue 52.510.805.637 40.925.690.391 64.875.625.731
7 Profit after tax 1.227.770.712   813.215.853
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